Who Were the Acadians?

Since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated by all things southern Louisiana.  And as an adult, that fascination has been joined by strong interests in the French in North America, France, and Canada.

It has been 260 years since the British expelled the Acadians from what is now Nova Scotia.  And it is been 250 years since the first group of Acadians made their way to southern Louisiana, where their descendants are better known to us today as “Cajuns.”

The story of the Acadians — their expulsion from the north, their long and perilous trek to southern Louisiana, their survival as a people, and their amazing culture which thrives to this day, is one that everyone should know.

The article linked below tells that story.  It mainly hits the highlights, but it leaves the reader wanting to know more about this group of people, who they were, and who they are today.  And if you can read through it without craving some good Cajun cooking and a listen at some fine cajun music, well, you are a stronger person than I. Enjoy!



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